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And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper 3 StarsThis one was just okay for me. Why? Well, I thought Lacey was in her own head too much. I've never been one for a continuous blah of euphemisms and I thought this book has this in spades. Okay, so I'm dating myself, but I was never a fan of Mary Hartman or the Airplane movies and I thought this book rode this line. She tried to make everything a joke and sometimes you lose depth when you do this.There were things I liked:1 -- "Take this, and that" .. Lacey's way of punching back at her soon to be EX-husband Mike. I thought the newletter just brilliant.2 -- Loved Emmett, Lacey's gay brother. I could so visualize him. He would be a person I would love to know and hang with.3 -- Monroe. I liked his character and could understand why he was a bit of a hermit.4 -- Lacey. I liked how she had no issue poking fun at herself and those around her. Things I didn't like so much:1 -- Lacey. Her constant humor. The sheer volume of this. It was so over the top, I lost something in the story. Her depth of character. In the end, I didn't care where she ended up, I just wanted her to shut the f**k up! And the book she was writing was not something I would read or find interesting. I also find it hard to believe, in this age of enlightenment, she was married 12 years to a man who never was able to give her an orgasm! Okay, this says something about her character right there. God help her..2 -- Monroe. Visualizing the Wolverine .. just YUCK! All I kept thinking was the stupid hair. When I watch the X-Men, I'm okay with Hugh looking hairy, but this is a character. You meet a real person with those sidetaps and the hair, just YUCK again.3 -- Mike and BeeBee. These two were so typical. Nothing new or innovative here, so why? And, other than BeeBee's name, why spend so much time on this component of the story.I'm glad I read the story, and I may read more by this author, but I know her style doesn't lend itself to any depth in character development. I could identify with her anger and how humor got her through a tough time, but this is about it.Other readers seriously like this book, so don't let me put you off. I want to also thank Leslie for the letting me borrow the book - THANK YOU! You [fellow reader] may very much enjoy this book, and I hope you do. For me, it was just .. ehh.Happy Reading!