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Dark Soul Vol. 4 - Aleksandr Voinov I plan to post my review for the complete Dark Soul collection [volumes 1 through 5] after I finish all five [5] novella's. I have the ARC for all volumes in one "book".This is volume three [4].Okay, this is a cheater theme with a new twist, or at least a "new to me" twist. As I was reading this the overwhelming question is, Why? I just don't get it. Am I just obtuse, because I read other reviews of this series and I just am not getting it. Why?I still say for as complicated as I think Silvio is, I think Stefano is very simple. I think what he is doing to Donata is wrong, so he is simply wrong. However, saying this, knowing what and who Stefano is, these actions are in character.More to come so stay tuned. Onto volume five [5].