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Play It Safe - Kristen Ashley 4 Stars.I liked this story quite a bit. The setting seems fairly familiar to me. The author describes a town that could actually be anywhere around here [Oklahoma], but places it in Colorado. Pool halls or bars that have the requisite pool table, very familiar. Seeing the table and the shots so clearly, a true talent and one usually taking years of practice. Very intriguing.I liked Ivey and Gray. I thought this story a bit darker, less humor, than some other books by this author. And, though I liked Ivey, what I particularly like about K. Ashley's heroines, I found a bit lacking in Ivey. She didn't have that warm appealing way with people. Ivey collected people; Lash, Brutus, Janie... but you didn't feel the appeal. I did like Ivey, but wasn't drawn to her like I have been others.Also, the family dynamic wasn't as warm. Everyone seemed to be disconnected from each other and working on building their relationship. I'm also not sure why the kids have to come at the end of this story. I would have liked to have seen them more prominent, but not my story.Overall, a very nice read.Happy Reading!