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Nothing But Trouble - Rachel Gibson 4 StarsAnother really nice read from Rachel Gibson. My second by this author. Reading the Chinook series out of order.What I liked about this story:1 -- the quirkiness of Chelsea.2 -- Mark. He wasn't a terribly strong character, but was believable and you really felt for his accident and what the change meant to his life.3 -- Bo and Jules -- loved these two together and would love to see them have their own story, but not sure it is in the cards. Jules especially, is intriguing. I've never understood, or been particularly attracted to "metro-sexuals", but he seems to be defined this way and I liked him.4 -- the role Hockey played in this story.5 -- Chelsea's busty problem. This is a very real problem for some women [myself included] and having a large bust and the issues this can cause addressed in this story was familiar. I liked this not well known topic addressed was nice.This could have had a higher rating by me, but I thought Mark a bit lacking. And, the story ended rather abruptly for me. One minute they were starting to develop their relationship, then it hit a bump, then "ta da" he misses her and wants to marry her. All in about 25 pages at the end [or it felt this way].I'm looking forward to more in this series, but am reading them out of order because the older ones aren't available on Nook. BUT, looked again today and they are coming March 27th. I am so there!!Rachel is becoming a must read/buy author for me. Like the way she spins a story - but wish they were longer!Happy Reading!