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Leather, Lace and Rock-n-Roll - Mia Dymond Really didn't like this at all; 1 Star. Let me explain myself. First of all, it give me no pleasure to give any book an author slaved over to create a low rating, but, for the sake of readers who like similar reads, feel I must express my honest opinion.This book just didn't make sense to me. We have a "rock star", who is really a Navy Seal on super top secret assignment tracking terrorists. His entourage are also Seals. Okay, so "rock stardom" just happens? I'm thinking not.Another thing - I read fairly quickly, and rarely need to back up in a story with a "what -- what did I miss?". I don't like to re-read parts of a story unless I just want it to hit me again. I don't like writing that is so broadly descriptive [struggling with how to explain] that requires me to back up to see what I missed. This happened to me several times throughout the book.Thank God this was a freebie on Smashwords. But, me being me, bought all this authors books while I was there!! I can only hope the other ones do it for me, because this one was a real stinker...I don't recommend the book. But, if you decide to read it, you may like it. It just missed the mark for me completely.Not so happy to read this freebie!