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Lethal - Sandra Brown 2 stars.Okay, I used to be a huge Sandra Brown fan. Read her earlier works when she wrote serial romances and used pen names. One of my all time favs is a little known book called "Slow Heat in Heaven", but lately...lately, her new books leave me thinking I won't read the next one.I've read other reviews of this book commenting on the excellence of this book. I have to say, I didn't feel it. I did this book as a buddy read and neither of us were impressed. As a buddy read, by necessity, I spent quite a bit of time with this book, chapter by slow chapter. I got to the point it was a true chore to get through my "assignment" and comment back to Holly.I'm sorry, there really wasn't much about this book I liked and I was very disappointed. Let me list a few things I didn't like:1 -- Honor. I felt she was naive, immature, a bit stupid/dumb.2 -- The jumping back and forth between secondary characters to tell huge chunks of this story. None of them were especially interesting, so found this a bit distracting and a very un-interesting way to go about storytelling.3 -- Going over and over and over the same details, different viewpoints, again and again. Alright already!!About the only thing I liked was Coburn. He was a bit incomplete - as far as a developed character goes, but in the entire book, he was the only redeeming component, at least in my opinion.I know other readers like and appreciate this book. I'm very glad for them. Me, not so much. And, have to tell you, I hate this because I've been a fan of SB's since her early days.Maybe next time. Too many really good books in the world to worry too much about one I'm not enamored with.Thank you Holly ... Very Happy to have buddy read this one with you!