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The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley A HUGE 5 Stars!I've read so many excellent reviews of this book, I won't take time to restate what they have all said so very well. I will attach a few of my own thoughts, or experiences with this story.I loved Ian. He warmed my heart. He is damaged, and knows this, but he has so much courage.I loved Beth. She was so open, so honest. No subterfuge with either of these characters. They were straightforward and dealt with each this way. No games, and I loved it. Refreshing.I loved the secondaries. The characterizations were enticing and thorough. People you want to continue to learn more about ... perfect for a series.My first experience with this author writing as Jennifer Ashley and was surprised. I had read a book from one of this authors "other names" and was not impressed. It was a royal stinker and so was a bit apprehensive [regardless of the reviews] of reading this. I was very pleasantly surprised and feel I've found a new historical author.One added personal plus for me, this book was a buddy ready with my good friend Holly_Loves_To_Read. But, neither of us had much discipline to follow the buddy read format, because it was just so spankin' good! Now we have to find another and hope [not] we don't have the same reaction... what a wonderful problem to have!A very rewarding read. A "pull at your heartstrings" read. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical novels and who isn't afraid of falling in love with a "damaged" hero. Loved it.Happy Reading!