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Vicious Circles (Wrong Reasons, #2) - J.L. Paul 3 StarsNot great, but am glad I read Collin's story. Not going to spend too much time on the review. Nothing unusual stood out. I did appreciate two things: 1) Collin is a really nice guy. He appears talented [a drummer in their ensemble], he is sensitive [caring of his friends, his family. He is mature and responsible. Just an overall great guy, without being a moog. I think any girl would want to catch his attention and would home he would be the ONE. The second thing 2) Communication is key. These guys had so many miscommunications, it was almost hard to follow. Irelyn thought Morgan was into Collin. Collin thought Spencer was "in love" with Bailey. Bailey thought Collin loved .... and it went on and on. Eventually everyone clued it, but it took courage and confrontation by Bailey to make it happen.Whew! It was a bit tiring following the "Vicious Circles" of communication or in most cases mis-communication.It was a good read, not a great read. I'm glad I read it so I could close the loop left by Lucas and Irelyn's story.If you're having a hard time finding something to read and you run across this one, give it a try. You may enjoy it, or not, but it is worth a peek.Happy Reading!