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Delinquent Daddy - Linda Kage 4 StarsThis book could have gotten a higher rating from me, but in the end it felt rushed. Not sure why. Maybe the author got a bit tired of the story, or maybe she ran out of time or space, but whatever, there was an injustice done to these lovely characters with this books rushed ending.Ever heard the saying, "love is wasted on the young"? This story really is about strong feelings at such a young, inexperienced age. Thinking these feelings will happen with just anyone... Then jumping ahead years and knowing you'll never find that [something] again and ... can you go back? Will they be as strong or were you just imagining it or was it the time and place? Will you get a second chance??This started as a rather heart wrenching story of two young lovers, so in love, they were uncomfortable with the feeling and the timing. Boston especially, had so much to do [Yale law school] and Ellie was the wrong person. She had a very different background than he, so she couldn't be the one - could she? Ellie on the other hand, she knew she loved Boston and she knew it was a love that would last forever until Boston's actions knocked it on its' Ass...Then, Ellie came up pregnant. Not to give the story away, but lets skip ahead 10 years. Boston finds out he has a daughter conceived in a moment in the rain ... literally. Imagine his surprise and his anger that this was kept from him for so long. But, Ellie was all about self preservation and she was only 19. Given the situation, any one of us may have done what she did. Love is powerful in many ways and when you feel you are in a one sided relationship, you do what you can to survive the ending...Cassie, the 9 year old daughter. Her character was real. She acted and communicated just like you would imagine any nine year old acting and reacting. She loved her mom, but she wanted, desperately wanted a relationship with her dad. You can see how she journeys through learning her role with her father and how her relationship and her role changes with her mother. I could have handled a bit more of this to fully get more into the emotion, but it the author handled this reasonably well.I loved this story. It was so real. You can visualize this really happening and the author portrayed the characters and their feelings so well, but did them a dis-service with the rushed ending. Another hundred pages or so and she could have nailed it.I will read more of this author. I think she write well and writes with heart. She gives us real people and real situations and then takes us on the journey to HEA. I'd recommend this book to anyone.Happy Reading!