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The Scorpio Races - Maggie Stiefvater 3.5 StarsThis book wasn't even on my radar until I had to assign a buddy read for a monthly readers challenge. Megan had this book on her "to read" pile and it fit the requirements. It was intriguing and the author was one I've heard much about, so I a "buddy read" it became.What I know about horses, I've learned via osmosis from my husband. He has trained and loved horses much of his adult life. One lesson he has taught, the love a good horse is a powerful thing. Some people may never relate to people the way they relate to horses. And, young girls, if interested in horses, don't do half measures. They are over the top about their steeds. All of this proves true in this story. But, it is intriguing because these horses aren't your typical "eat a bit of grain and hay" horses, these are flesh eating horses and the Scorpio Race is a killer; literally.There are things I really liked about this book:1 -- I liked this writers style. Each chapter has the focus and the POV of the character in the chapter title. Keeps the story very focused and structured for the reader.2 -- The authors way of drawing a picture of the landscape and the environment. I felt like I could clearly see the house where Puck lived, the sea shore where they practiced for the race, Finn and all his mechanics. Very rich detail and I really enjoyed this. Before I discuss those things I wasn't overly enamored with, I want to first remind myself and the reader of this review, the book targeted a young adult audience; I'd say 13 and over. There are things I think just okay about this story:1 -- The author took quite a bit of time to get to the point. And, I think in the end I came up with my own point [tell you in a bit] because I was frankly tired of waiting for the author to reveal it to me.2 -- The depth of the characters. Relates to #1 above, but I didn't get a good feel for why they were doing what they were doing when they were doing it. The character painted for each person wasn't enough to help me understand the driver. I may be muckling this a bit, but I couldn't intuitively tell you why Sean was doing what he was doing. The depth just wasn't there for me. Too much of a puzzle, but don't think this was the intention of the author.Overall, a read you could enjoy. I think if you were 13 or so, you may get bored faster than I did and find yourself skimming a bit, maybe not. It does have horses throughout the story and this may be enough to hold a horse crazy person's interest.Oh, yes, almost forgot. What do I think the message of this story is? Remember, I made up my own, not sure if this was the authors intended message or not... Sometimes we underestimate love and the people around us. We get beaten up enough [not necessarily in the literal sense], we don't expect much. Sometimes the goodness in people surprises us. Just like the saying, if love is strong enough, trust it, turn it loose, and it just may come back to you. This is my take-a-way message, this is what I took from this story. Not sure if it was the message I was supposed to have, but there you have it...Happy Reading!