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The Trouble With Valentine's Day - Rachel Gibson 5 StarsJust what the doctor ordered. I was having issues getting into any book - not the books' fault but rather my state of mind. Just for this book, I also think my rating scale needs adjustment. Sometimes, if a book hits all components needed within the reader, at the time being read, it should count whether it is terribly unique, cranks on emotions, demonstrates exemplary writing, etc. Sometimes, just because, is good enough. This one is a 5 Star read for me, just because.This is my favorite of the Chinook series. It probably had the least hockey in it, which isn't why I liked it so much. It really would be a reason not to like it as much as I did. I just connected to these two individuals; their back-stories and the ultimate ending. Have you ever been in a relationship that was trouble from the start but you just couldn't get away? You know the relationship isn't good for you, you know it probably isn't the best for the other person, but rather like a bad habit, shit just keeps you there? This was the case for Rob. He finally exited out of a bad relationship, but had more than his share of baggage as a result. Then you have Kate, who had life happen and begins to doubt herself and seeks refuge. These two start out star-crossed, but eventually figure out they are the other half of each other. They have passion, but more than that, they comfort each other and in the end, neither can find their peace without the other.Life for me has been about the search for peace. These two and their story speak to that and I found it comforting and powerful. A bit of fluff? Maybe, but for me it was just what I needed, when I needed it.This will be one of my favorite reads and will be one I'll turn to time and again. For all the reasons above, I recommend it highly. Others may read this and think [she] is out of my ever lovin', but then this is why we are all so different. This book spoke to my baggage...Happy Reading! Woo Hoo -- finally available for my NOOK!!