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Daisy's Back In Town - Rachel Gibson 4 StarsHave I said before .. Rachel Gibson can write a tale? I know, so much it makes you nauseous, but it is true. This is my first of her Lovett Texas series and I loved it. I can relate to Texas more than I can the northwest; Washington State is another of her venues. This book had the classic car loving Jack. He was a gear head from birth. He and Steven had a third best friend, Daisy. These three were like “three peas in a pod” throughout their childhood. Both Jack and Steven were in love with Daisy but Jack was winning… Then, tragedy strikes on several fronts. Jack’s world was upside down. Daisy gets clingy and he needs some distance from her. Daisy needed Jack in the worst way and when he pushed her away, she didn’t know what to do and turned to Steven, their best friend. Steven was leaving to attend college in Washington State. He and Daisy ran away to get married and left Jack.Skip ahead 15 years. Steven has died – long bout of illness with terminal brain cancer. Daisy comes back to Lovett to make peace with Jack and the rest folks, is stuff of Texas legend. How do these two end up together? Well, it sure wasn’t easy. Just ask Daisy.**Spoiler Alert START**I do have an issue with waiting 15 years to tell a man he has a child when everyone else in the whole blamed world knows it. Even the child [teen-age] knows it and has from the time he was little. He was caught completely unaware. He was madder than a dog stung by a bee, but he had every reason to be. I don’t see how they could have gotten past this whopper. I wondered, if Steven hadn’t died, would she have told Jack anything. She said the timing was never right. Would it have ever been right?If I wanted to get hung up on the story, and I very easily could have, I would lower my rating to 2 stars or less, just to make a point. The way Daisy and Steven handled the baby was wrong no matter how you looked at it. No way to convince yourself it was “the right thing to do” to keep the knowledge of this child from Jack. It would have been Jack’s choice, what he did with the information. It was just so much easier this way. Very screwed up.**Spoiler Alert STOP** I’m through with my rant and will leave my 4 star rating alone.Another really good Rachel Gibson read. I’m on to read the next in the Writer’s series. Starts with the “walk of shame”, and ladies, who out there can say they haven’t had this experience?Happy Reading!!