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Lola Carlyle Reveals All - Rachel Gibson 5 StarsWhy? Because I did. I just loved this story [I'll say this a few more times before this review is over]. I think this is my favorite Rachel Gibson. I only have two more to read.. so can safely say, this is the BOMB!Somehow, she is always consistent. I love her stories, I love her characters. She takes us deep, but only for a moment. Like the great tease. She isn't afraid of hair pullin' passion for her characters. She can make a kiss tender, angry, raunchy .. or just plain inside out intimate. This book was a bit different than her series books. It is the story of Lola Carlyle. She is a former swimsuit model who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In comes Max Zamora. Don’t you just love these names? Max is on a mission for the government and absconds with the yacht Lola is on in order to escape a Columbian drug lord whose son he just killed... Long story. It all goes south in a hurry.We meet Baby Doll. He is the 1yr old Yorkie son of Lola. He is integral to this story and helps us fall in love with Max. Max loves to hate BD [won't call the damned dog Baby Doll - too pussy].RG knows how to tell a story. She keeps them light, until they’re not. I laughed out loud reading this and got tears in my eyes during other moments. I was angry with Lola, angry for Lola. I loved and hated Max. This is one of those perfect reads. I absolutely loved it.I think anyone could find something they liked in this book. I loved the scene .. Lola thinks she is going to die. We have three rowdy drug runners hootin’ it up on the beach with loud Mexican Fiesta music within hearing distance of her and Max. They have guns, Lola and Max do not. Baby Doll has been discovered and nabbed and Lola is heartsick. Lola begs Max to “love” her and he does .. boy does he. And trying to have sex in the bushes, really great sex in the bushes and be quiet? Stuff of legends..!Just loved this story and just know you will too if you give it a go!Happy Reading!