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Betrayed - Wodke Hawkinson 2 Stars, or less really.. A big DNF for me. I got about 55% through the book and was losing interest fast. I really hated that for two [2] reasons:1 -- I had so much time invested in this damned thing [okay, only a few hours, but time is money and I ain't gettin' younger .. know what I mean]!!2 -- Brooke, the poor thing. She was married to a man with no balls. He put her in a situation that got her into a terrible jam. There was an abduction and very graphically depicted, repeated, brutal assaults on her and she escapes .. GO Brooke!! She is found by this very gentle, kind hermit. He takes care of her and nurses her back to health. They begin to connect and then the book dives .... the dialogue turns cheesy, the plot dissolves, right before our very eyes. Poor Brooke, poor me .. I had to let it go.A damn shame. So, I put this thing down and Becs picked it up. I tried to tell her and was really hoping it would redeem itself after I dropped it. Thinking, maybe I'll pick it up again... NOT!! See Becs review: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/337352591She didn't like it any better than I did and she finished!! So, a BIG DNF for me and I do feel bad, but so many more worthy books out there and times awastin' BABY!!So, who would like this? I can't think of a living soul... so, maybe if you aren't with the living .. you may or not, but if not, don't blame me!!Not going to be Happy Reading this one .. I'm fairly certain =)