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The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton 3 StarsThis book had me conflicted. It started off rather well; very funny. I liked the characters and the story plot or at least the concept and where it started out. The cast of secondary characters was nice too. But, it didn’t work all the time for me and in the end, fell very short of the mark.What did I like / not like -- in this case the exact thing you appreciate may be the books Achilles heel: 1 – Humor. Grace was a total nut job and had such a sense of humor. She was almost British in her dryness and then, on a dime, she would switch and have very blatant almost slapstick humor [almost like the 3 Stooges]. I was puzzled at times, but all good. Then it became too much. You could tell the humor was used as filler. It became OTT and even monotonous in places. Humor, for the sake of it .. becomes something else. Rather like a book that fills with meaningless sex.2 – I thought the story lacked depth. We have two main characters; Jack and Grace. Grace is 33 and has decided to “restart” her acting career. She moves back to Los Angeles and moves in with her dear friend Holly. Holly just happens to be a manager/agent for actors. Holly hosts a party for some of her clients and we meet Jack. Jack is 24 and an actor on the brink. He has just completed a movie, yet to be released, that rivals Twilight in “star maker” power. He and Grace hit it off immediately. Good so far. Until about 58% of the way through the book, these two get to know each other – about 3 weeks worth. They have shouting orgasms. Jack has very talented fingers, a delightful tongue and wonder hands. Until the 80% mark, these two give each other pleasure, but without involving the penis. Yep, no penis. Grace wanted it to be special. All it was for me was monotonous. I should have known, the very first night these two were together, he had 5 orgasms [yep, this is what she said], and she stopped counting at 17. Okay, in order to count this high, for me you’d need a penknife and a bedpost. Seriously? This was all at about 40% or so into and I should have known. Now, remember, very little penis attention until 80%... So, you understand my frustration? And this goes on for w e e k s ...3 – The book left you knowing there will be a second book. At books end Grace had just arrived in New York and was met at her hotel by good friend Michael. He is a past friend and one time love of hers. Jack is still in L.A. and didn’t seem to appreciate Grace choosing not to have phone sex with him to go have drinks with Michael. All this after she cried piteously on the plane to NY. Oh, bother … I don’t think I’ll read the second or any other book by this author until I hear several tell me it was just “Sooo.. Good!”, because I won’t be able to imagine it.This was a funny read in places. I may be enjoyable to some, but for me, after about half way, it petered out and became very monotonous.This would be a read when you are stuck in an airport [I’m thinking an unforeseen overnight at Atlanta Hartsfield] and have nothing else to do.Maybe Happy Reading??