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Tempting the Best Man - J. Lynn, Jennifer L. Armentrout 4 StarsA quickie review. Traveling and on vacation - sitting in the French Quarter resting from my morning Swamp Tour ... yep, exactly.I actually liked this book quite a bit. It is the first in a series and I want to read the next one .. like .. now!I hope the author does a longer version or format for the next in the series. This one read well, but the length was more novella; 115 pages on my Nook. I'm not a huge fan of the shorter novel. I like to sink my teeth in a bit a really love a longer novel.I will look for more from this author. I liked the style, I liked the character development. I think a longer format would have allowed more depth and this is what the story lacked [for me .. I know belaboring this point]. The story didn't suffer monumentally, but a longer format would have really sealed the deal for me.I would recommend this one to just about anyone. Just a joy.Happy Reading!!