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The Rancher - Lily Graison DNF - 1 StarI was in the mood for a western and this one sounded good. It was pretty cheap on B&N; $3. I read the GR reviews and they sounded good. A new author to me, so here we go.Well, the premise was good. I read to the 50% mark and the book just kept going over and over and over the same stuff. We never made any progress, but were filling up pages. We had a man who bought a lady a drink in a saloon. By the end of the evening they had a passionate encounter. They each went their separate ways, but ended in the same place. He has a ranch outside of town and lives with his 10 year old daughter, she is the new "schoolmarm". He wants to start their relationship and can't get her out of his mind. She doesn't. She has something to hide and keeps people at arms length. When they start to move in on her emotions, she picks up and moves on....So, most of the book is taken up with him advancing and she pushing back, with a bit of interaction with the 10 year old. And on, and on.Just never picks up any momentum. It started good, but at the 50% mark I couldn't stay engaged anymore. So, can't say I enjoyed it and probably won't read anymore of the series. This is actually book four, but appealed to me [blurb] better than the other three [3].I'm still interested in reading a good western... I wasn't too Happy Reading this one ... bored mostly, but you may have a different experience. If so, I'm very happy for you.