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Rescue Me - Rachel Gibson 10/01/2012 Full review posted: http://2geekgirlsreviewbooks.com/book-review-rescue-me-by-rachel-gibsonOverall Rating: 5Book Cover / Book Blurb = 5 / 5 = total of 5 [pure perfection]Writer’s Voice = 5Character Development = 5Story Appreciation = 5Worth the Chili = 5 [$5.99 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble]You’ve heard that saying, “everything I know about life I learned in XX”, and you fill in the blanks. So, let me ask you, can the “blank” be a romance novel? Well, probably not. How ‘bout this, “everything I know about life has been recapped in a romance novel”? Yep, I think this works. And, this book is powerful for me because it validates a very hard learned lesson... Love. We each define it in our own way. And, when we love someone, we can’t dictate, 1) whether they love us back, 2) and if they do, how they love you back. Will they do it in an acceptable way [acceptable to you - because in this equation, you are it]? Because we deserve to be loved the way we want to be loved and if they can’t do it, and they either don’t want to or really can’t do it, then we need to move on. This is the lesson I was reminded of as I read this book. A very hard learned lesson.Three things I liked about this book:1.) Sadie. Her name is Mercedes Johanna Hollowell and she is not perfect. She is 33 and she is seems to be okay with who she is. She is heading home to be in a wedding for a very distant cousin and isn’t terribly happy about it. She just knows every other question out of every person she see’s will be, "Sadie, dear, are you married?" Bless her heart! She finds Vince stuck along the side of the road on her way into the rance. Now, she knows there won’t be another car passing by for many minutes, and possibly an hour or more, so she stops to “help a guy out.” She didn’t need a man for his money. She needed him for things she couldn’t do for herself like lift heavy objects and knock boots. Simple, but it was always shocking how many guys weren’t that great at knocking boots. Which was just baffling. Wasn’t sex their number one job? Even above actually having a job?...Once again she’d fallen for an emotionally stunted man. This time she’d fallen harder and deeper, but as with all other stunted men who had ever taken up space in her life, she’d get over him.2.) Vince. God you love a tough guy who knows his mind. He is honest about what he wants or doesn’t want in a relationship. He is straight up. He is just passing through and has no intention of “tangling” himself up for life. He and Sadie come to an agreement; Friends with Benefits. She is good with this. He is down with it too. Perfect? Right…What the …? Vince had been exposed to real disturbing shit in his life, most he stored away in the black locker of his soul, but his wrinkled aunt, heels to Jesus, with Alvin was right near the top of his disturbing shit list.3.) I love this author. She is consistently good. She has a formula, but I wouldn’t say it is “cookie cutter”. She has a strong, tough guy. He may or may not have emotional issues, but he will have commitment issues. You have a heroine who has been hurt or unlucky in love. She adds a touch of humor and pragmatism that speaks to my heart. I can see a bit of me in at least one character in her books. Sometimes it may even be a secondary character. In this one in particular, I saw Sadie as someone who has learned every lesson life has taught her the hard way. Me! Me! Me! She is pragmatic. In other words, she wants to believe in a world made up of rainbows and butterflies, but knows where there is rainbows and butterflies, there is probably a storm coming later in the day and she is okay with it. You have to have the storm for the rainbow to come around – all good.This author is one of my “go to” authors when I want to decompress. She rarely, if ever disappoints me. I only have one more of her books to read and then I’ll have to start reading them over. This book, this series, is one of my very favorites by her. Several of my friends tell me this one was a miss for them, not sure why because I loved it.What three things did I not like or not appreciate:1.) Nothing I can think of … it charged me on all cylinders.2.) Maybe …? Nope.3.) Not a damned thing.A thoroughly enjoyable read from start to finish. I hate these books aren’t longer. I love them. I love where they take me and I ABSOLUTELY love how they make me feel. Warm. Fuzzy. Knowing something is right in my world because I was able to experience this simple pleasure.I wish you very Happy Reading!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Just out today [05/29/2012], and is now in my hot little hands! Yeah me!!