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Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers, #1) - Tara Sivec 10/02/2012 Full review posted: http://2geekgirlsreviewbooks.com/ Overall Rating = 2Book Cover / Book Blurb = 1.5/3 = 2.25Writer’s Voice = 2.5Character Development = 1.5Story Appreciation = 2Worth the Chili = 1.5Reviewed by Hope+++++++++++++++++++++++Helen's Review:2 StarsThis was a disappointing “DNF” for me. I was almost finished, had about 30 pages to go, but it was just too absurd to keep me any longer and I knew I had lost all patience. I was ready to scrap it about 30 pages in, but then it made me laugh. I laughed so hard, in a few places in this thing, my sides ached. So, you’d think not a total waste. And, you would be correct, but this author didn’t know when to stop with the humor. She used it as filler for a story seriously lacking. Almost like having sex for the sake of sex in a book. Same thing here with the humor. And, if I had read the words vagina or penis one more time I would have killed something … I love those words, but seriously!Also, I firmly believe I’m very liberal in my views on most things. I think one of the very things I have some rigidity about is how children are portrayed in books. She had this poor kid [4 years old] saying things a veteran trucker or sailor would have issue hearing come out of their own mouths. The innuendo this 4 year old is supposed to understand and imply … asinine. I just felt really sorry for the parenting skills portrayed. Then the very next minute they had him acting like a baby. A four year old is not a baby and most talk very well with a large vocabulary at this age. And his behavior, all very frustrating for me.I think this book has been marketed all wrong. It is more Saturday Night Live does romance. If I had known this, may have been better and I may have had more patience, but then again, I probably wouldn’t have given it the few hours I did. One suggestion for this author … pick something. Either focus on the humor or focus on the romance or develop your talents to balance the two much better than this debut demonstrates.I would not recommend the entire book to anybody. There are places I thought very entertaining from a comedy perspective, but I wouldn’t wade through the rest just for those glimmers of light. Just sayin’…You won’t be Happy Reading this one!