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Knight In Black Leather - Gail Dayton 3.5 StarsThis was an enjoyable read. I started it on an airplane and it kept me engaged. It flowed well, but lacked a bit of imagination. The characters were fairly well developed, but a bit boring. It started with Meredith leaving a community center where she is a volunteer mentor to children. She sees Eli who is standing outside waiting and is a bit apprehensive. We never really know why Eli was outside this building when he was. Meredith is accosted by some young gangbangers and Eli runs to the rescue; running them off. She leaves, but oops… she forgot something and heads back to get it where she finds Eli getting his head bashed in by three guys with ball bats and tire irons. She rescues him, calls the police and goes with them to the hospital. He needs someone to care for him and she takes him home.Meredith has lost her husband and her daughter has recently gone off to college. She is 39 and trying to figure out how the rest of life will be and to recover from her losses. Eli is a child of the streets. He is 25 and has had a few good things happen. He is trying to save a friend who also just happens to be his child’s mother. These two meet and seem to have affection for each other immediately. There is a bit of intrigue as the reason for Eli intervention with his sons mother comes to light. We also have the relationship issues with Meredith fighting with her family over Eli, his background and the 14 year difference in their ages. The story is sound. It flows well, but lacks imaginations. The characters are likable, but nothing really pulls you. Overall, the story is mediocre enjoyable.You may find this Happy Reading!