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Dare You To - Katie McGarry 02/03/2013 - 3 StarsOverall Rating = 3 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 4 = 3.5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3 StarsCharacter Development = 4 StarsStory Appreciation = 3 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [$10 Amazon & B&N, when released in May]Damn! This had lots of teen angst -- teens dealing with very adult situations. This poor girl, Beth, just couldn't get a break. She was born with tons of bad luck. She had some good, but just loads of bad. You really just didn't want to like her. She is one of those hard-ass kids you see standing, wasting time on a street corner. Those kids that when you look in their eyes you see yourself reflected. You don't see anything else. They are hard. They are going absolutely nowhere and they know it. If you think about it, you wonder how they got to this place. Maybe, if you thought you could give them a big hug without getting slapped or worse for it, you so would. This is that girl. The world has been so harsh to this little blonde haired beautiful angel who loves ribbons. So hard, she has buried this beautiful person so deep not even she thinks she exists anymore. Her uncle finds a way to get her "out". Will he be too late?It took me a bit of time to warm up to this one. Part of the reason is the characters, but I also think part of the reason is the author. I felt the story a bit unfocused. Not sure if the book was longer at some point and then the editing required her to cut some of the detail. Maybe? I say this because I think we got the middle of the tootsie-pop without getting to suck on the hard candy shell. I prefer the shell, so only getting the middle? I felt slighted. For me, this was a bit confusing at times. Also, as mentioned before, we got some hard stuff in this book. Not for the faint of heart. And the good stuff was disguised. You had to look at it side-ways. We had Beth trying to fit in. Her childhood friend, Lacy, helped her with this, but then we had to wade through the Lacy/Chris relationship. We meet Logan and really like him, but what purpose did he serve? There was one important scene with him, but not enough to have to keep track of him in the story. We have Noah and Echo - mentioned a few times, but unless you have read the first one, you are confused about their purpose here too. And, not enough of a mention of these two to make you want to read the first book. We have Isaiah, but he plays a lesser part and we really don't want to like Beth for her handling of him. He is her protector, but then turns his back on her when she needs him most. He hovers. Ryan - we love him, but through most of the book wonder where is his courage. Frustrating. I just wanted to tell this guy to "grow a pair!"The adults were worse. I hated Allison. Absolutely hated her. I couldn't see what Scott saw in her so he lost some of my respect. I get it that he loved her. I get it that bringing Beth into their lives was a disruption and it sounded like he did it without her agreement, but the situation was dire and he had to move quickly. Okay... She was just awful. Scott - he admitted he turned his back on Beth and her mother. This admission took courage and he is trying to do the right thing now. I just wanted to say, "about time, Asshole!"We had Ryan's parents and their homophobic behavior. Turning their back so totally on their older son - so worried about what the community thought. I just hated these two people. I hated them for Ryan because he wouldn't. What a mess for Ryan to navigate. Almost too much.I think we touched on every type of bad teen situation in this book; drugs, abuse, homophobia, excessive drinking, bullying, abandonment, promiscuity, incarcerated parents ... you name it. We had very little good. Just a pretty depressing read. We did have a HEA, but not really. No clue how these two will turn out long term. I don't see much going for them and can't imagine it will turn out alright.I credit my buddy partners for giving me a reason to push through to the end. Anna, Ian, Stacia & Searock -- guys, I hope you like this more than I did! I just thought it was a big damn emotional mess of pretty heavy shit to navigate. Then, when the thing was done, I look back and wonder why? Other than the experience of reading with this great group, what did I get for my efforts? Nothing really.Not a happy read. A fairly decent read, but you won't have the warm fuzzies after this one!ARC of Dare You To provided by Dare You To from Harlequin (UK) Limited via Netgalley inn exchange for an honest review.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++01/31/2013 -- Starting this with my buds; Anna, Ace, Ian, and SR. Love this author. She packs quite a punch!01/08/2013 -- ARC Approved and in MY HOT LITTLE HANDS! Ian, Searock ... up for a buddy??