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The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay 02/13/2013 --Going to attempt a simple review for this one. I really can't even compete with other reviews and have been thinking about it. What can I say that hasn't been said before and probably better by others? So, I'm going to tell you how this book affected me. ME as a reader.Every now and again you have a book touch you in a deep place. You read a character than you totally identify with. For me, this was Josh. At different points in the story we could have exchanged places. I've lived through some of his experiences. I've felt some of his separation. I've had to learn to pick up the pieces and depend only on me. Until you meet that certain someone you can let in to help. It is interesting to me that my son's name is Josh. Just a coincidence, but a nice one.For me the lesson with this book, was all about Josh. I don't think this was the intent, but everything going with Nastya was also in parallel with what Josh had going. She saw in him a kindred-ness. She knew intuitively she could trust him and in the end, they saved each other.You will be very touched by this book or these characters, or you will be very bored. I was very touched. It is on my favorite list but is one of those books I may not read again. It is just too, too for me.I highly recommend this one. I think the author is one of the best I've read in a while. She has either experienced some of these emotions or has closely observed others experiencing them. She creates for us an authentic picture of two very fractured people who manage to accept the broken bits and form something new to move forward - together. Not a happy story, but a happy ending. I'm am so very glad I read this book. Thank you Katja Millay.Happy Reading!============================02/09/2013 --Some books defy our rating systems. 5 Stars, but if I could, I'd aware INFINITY stars.Reflecting. Full review soon. I'm not sure I can capture all this book had me feel... I'll try, maybe.