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Days Like This (Jackson Falls Series) (Volume 3) - Laurie Breton 04/02/2013 --Overall Rating = 5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 2 / 4 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 5 StarsCharacter Development = 5 StarsStory Appreciation = 5 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars [$2.99 on Amazon, I got it as a FREEBIE!!]I'm struggling with this one. I've read this whole series and it is some of the best I've read. How do I convey this to you so you'll want to immediately read this or at least read it as soon as feasibly possible? I feel so fortunate in my reading selection lately. And most of it has been completely accident. Laurie Breton is a born storyteller. She is a huge talent and I'll read anything she writes. I'll read this series over and over again.A few things that stand out for me in this book and series:1 -- The characters are just amazing. You feel them. You want to know them. You feel like you know them. Their lives make you laugh, cry, shake your head at some of their decisions. I could go on and on. I liked them all. Casey as the h is amazing. Rob is mind blowing. Together ... breath taking!2 -- You can have great characters in a mediocre story or written by an average writer. We read these all the time. This is so not the case with Laurie Breton. She is fantastic. These characters live and breathe for me. There is a place in this story where Casey has an epiphany. She realizes that she loves Rob so much she just can't describe it. She can't see the beginning or the end of her love for this man. It is scary. It is comforting. She is very disconcerted. We feel through the words of this author. She gave me goosebumps. I had tears as I was reading such strong emotion. Casey tried to describe her thoughts to Rob's sister, her good friend, Rose, but she just couldn't seem to convey her feelings so they were understood. We feel this too. Can you feel me?3 -- The backdrop. The secondary story. The secondary characters. All well told, fascinating, and wonderful. Not a single moment in these three books did I lose interest. My brain is fast moving, so I do lose interest very quickly. When I say this held my interest through the entire book or books, it is a true feat.4 -- It was a freebie for me, but even if I had purchased it at the $3 rate, it is so well worth it. Put them all together and you have about 900 pages and about $9. A BARGAIN!!Was there anything that I didn't like?1 -- The covers for all of these books just don't pull me. Not at all. The cover for this book is just blah. Wine and roses? What would have worked better? Who is the target audience and what do you want to highlight for them? Wine and roses probably appeals to my grandma, not to me...2 -- Nothing bad, but will mention ... Casey and Rob had some dialogue that came across a bit cheesy sometimes. They were teasing back and forth and I didn't think it really always worked well. Particularly because this was rather new in their relationship. These two had been best friends for all their adult lives and we were witness to it. They never had this type of dialogue before, so it caught me off guard when I noticed it wasn't working for me. Didn't happen often, but was there. A bit out of character -- or at least for the characters I've come to know.3 -- All else was fantabulous.I can't say enough about these books, this author. She is on my favorite author list, this series is on my favorite series list. I will read them over and over again. These were real people. Talented in a way the normal are not, but you forgive them for it. Why? Because their struggles are just as human and real as the struggles we “regular people” face every day.I hope I've conveyed my awe and amazement with these books. They are just that good. If you have a chance to read them and you like them have as much as I do, these will be 5 Star books for you too!Happy Reading!!