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Untitled (Masters of the Shadowlands, #7) - Cherise Sinclair 06/03/2013 --Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3 / 3 = 3 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 2.5 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [$7.99 on Amazon]Where do I even begin ...? If I had to come up with one phrase to describe my thoughts on this one it would be "lost in translation." I love Cherise Sinclair. When I found out there was a new one out, I ran to buy it - even at the $8 price. Why? Because, even though these stories aren't really "deep", they are enjoyable. She can create really good characters.This time?? Not so much. Not sure what happened.What worked for me?1 -- I still can't get enough of Club Shadowlands. It is an interesting fictional setting. I like seeing characters I remember from previous books. However, this time, we didn't get much and what we did get lacked the depth in secondary character development.2 -- I liked Sam. I liked him whenever he's shown up in this series. Unfortunately, I expected more. He came across as wishy/washy. Not the Sam I expected. He was "afraid" of commitment because of a bad marriage? The Sam I expected wouldn't be afraid of anything. I just didn't like what the author did with this character nor where she took him.3 - The book blurb gave us a good reveal and helped to set our expectations.There was more I didn't like in this one:1 -- This story lacked flow. Just skipped around. I never settled and felt comfortable with it. I found it boring in places. This author never takes you deep into a story, but this time it really lacked. It skimmed the surface too much, this one just didn't grab me.2 -- I thought the characters mediocre and poorly developed. I couldn't really get interested. I love rich characters you can "sink your teeth" into and we didn't get them here. This author for me is good, strong characters [maybe not deep, but solid] and sexy scenes. Our h, Linda was okay, but for all the horror of her situation, you didn't feel it. You really didn't empathize much. The author didn't take you there. This is a horrific topic. One deserving of some real attention. Didn't happen. As bad as the main characters were, the secondary characters were non-existent.3 -- The cover of this book is terrible. What is it supposed to represent? Does it grab you? Does it tell you anything about the book or its' characters? Nope. Let this be your first clue.4 -- The price. The level of storytelling in this one isn't worth the $8 asking price. I paid it, but if I'd read my review first, and it was from someone I trust, I wouldn't have. No way. This really was mediocre in all ways. I'll not remember this one in a month or so. If I'd never read it, I would have missed nothing.I think this is a case of an author fulfilling a contract. Her heart wasn't in this one and you could tell. There were pages filled with symbols resembling writing, but not really.You may like this one because you've waited and you like most everything this author writes. Believe me when I tell you, I felt the same way before I read this book. I'll be cautious next time and wait to see what others say before buying.Happy Reading [maybe]!!