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Crow's Row - Julie Hockley 07/19/2013 --Overall Rating = 2.5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb / Book Title = 2 / 3 / 1 = 2 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 3 StarsWorth the Chili = 3 Stars [$3.03 on Amazon]What the Hell? Why did I read this? I knew going into it there was a cliffhanger. I researched the publication date for the next in this series BEFORE I read this and there is no pub date. Still I went in, so have only myself to blame.Second rant ... not really sure what to say about this book. I wasn't expecting what I got on any level. If I didn't think the author attempted a serious story, I'd think this was written as a farce or pun of a deeper suspense novel. Seriously -- what the F@%K did I just read? I've waited a few days and still can't wipe this from my brain.What did I like?1 -- The first 30% had me pretty engaged. Then, for me, the book took a stupid pill or something. The story just evolved into something that replicated total fantasy. Very strange overall after putting the beginning, middle, and end of this one together. I thought D comes after C comes after B and so forth. This one was seriously wonky.2 -- I liked a few of the characters. I liked Cameron. Emily had her moments. And Meatball. I loved Meatball.3 -- As much as I complain about a cliffhanger the elegance of the ending here was pretty remarkable given the entirety of rest of this book. I will probably read the next in the series. Who can really say though. I thought that about Beautiful Disaster and I still haven't ventured there yet!More to dis-like than like, I think:1 -- What is up with the title? Cover? Oh, yeah ... we are trying to be a "deep, suspenseful" tale!2 -- How long have people been waiting for this sequel, with no pub date in sight? Wrong. Very wrong...3 -- There were likeable characters, but the story craziness took over. Not even good characters can save a plot that goes to shit. This plot went to total shit. I was left scratching my head in places thinking, "that's crazy" or "doesn't make sense" or "I guess if you are in the fifth grade you'll appreciate this titillation."4 -- Okay, let me say this OUT LOUD ... a book does not have to have sex in it to interest me. Not at all. However, when you tease and tickle me then deliver really nothing, you leave me feeling like a 16 year old boy after his girlfriends parents have flipped the lights reminding her she is to come in now -- date over. She walked into her house without a backwards glance and I have this rocket in my pocket ... Know? I'm not even a boy and I can relate to his feeling, after reading something like this. What the author does to the reading audience lacks any degree of elegance. I can handle intimacy without graphic details. We aren't even left with a "blowing curtain". Just wrong. Lost serious points with me.**spoiler alert**5 -- Okay, Emmy and Cam do have sex. This is implied at later points. But, these two almost act like a pair of 8 year old's through the earlier portions of the story, so it is so hard to believe. I just couldn't believe that this boy Cameron was the same person who was the ringleader or CEO [their term] of a group of gangs with a well organized drug business. I didn't buy it. Not at all.So, why did I finish the book. Hell, if I know. There was something that just kept pulling me along. In the end, I thought the whole thing an outstanding mess, but like a train wreck, you just can't look away.2.5 Stars. Nothing really bad, but nothing really great either. There were some pretty bad moments [not content, but story execution], but some okay moments too. It balanced and hopefully my rating is fair.This one will probably be rec'd by me to a few people who haven't already read this one. Just because I want to hear what they think. It played a bit with me, and want to see if others have the same experience.Happy Reading!*********************$9 on Nook 02/12/2012