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All the Wrong Reasons - J.L. Paul 3.5 StarsThis was a really nice story, but was a bit "unpolished", therefore the 3.5 rating. The story wasn't a terribly unique one, but the characterization was good and gave it what it needed to shine. I'm not going to spend too much time on the review. Nothing to "gush" about. I liked the two primary characters, Lucas and Irelyn [wonderful name!], were very nice, likeable young adults. I don't think it would be fair to class this book as a YA book. I thought it was a bit raw in places for that, although the target audience is probably college age adults. It has good secondaries; Bailey, Spencer, Collin, Tory, etc... The boys, Lucas, Spencer and Collin have a small band playing at an off campus nightspot. This is how they meet the girls, Irelyn, Bailey, et. al. Irelyn already has a boyfriend, but can't resist Luke. She also has a controlling grandfather who creates additional issues. Like I said, rather predictable, but you can't help liking the story. Irelyn wears on the nerves a bit. She can be rather Narcissistic, but you have to love Lucas. I wouldn't call him Alpha, but I would call him confident and wise beyond his years.I only read this story because it is the prequel to a GR highly recommended book for me based on previous books I've read, and I can be rather anal about reading books in order, unless others tell me it is not required to enjoy the story. So, I read this one, and am glad I did.I'm definitely in a YA mood and reading this book now satisfied this yearning. I am going to dive right into the sequel Vicious Circle; Bailey's story.If you read this review and think this story sounds interesting, give it a try. I think you'll enjoy it like I did.Happy Reading!