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Shadowed (Dark Protectors, #6) - Rebecca Zanetti 09/03/2013 --Okay, I've read a few by this author. I seemed to have liked the first one. The second one, less than the first, but still enjoyable. The third was a DNF for me.I saw the ratings for this one and read a few reviews. I decided to give her another shot. All these books sound the same. They read the same. Pick one. Read it and you've basically read the rest of them. I cry, No Fair!So, for lack of anything new, 1.5 Stars. I don't round up, so we have 1 Star.I won't be going back to this well again.If this is the Zanetti read you select, you'll probably love it. If it is the 6th book by this author you've read, you've read 5 too many, unless you don't mind repetition. I seem to have an issue with it, myself.Happy Reading ... or Not!* ARC provided by the publisher and author, care of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *