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He Loves Lucy - Susan Donovan 2 Stars - Maybe. A big DID NOT FINISH for me.I was looking for light and fluffy and have almost completely exhausted my "go to" authors; Gibson, Shalvis, James, etc. I've heard quite a bit about this author; fairly good reviews, my daughter reads and likes her ... The book blurbs never really attracted me, but what the hay, I'll give it a go. Yuck. The boredom factor got to me. It was only a little over 200 pages, but by the 60th page, nothing much had happened and I had to let it go. Just yuck. And the worst part, I took up my Sunday figuring it out!!Not my cuppa, but others seem to like her. May be me, but either way, I'm outa' here .. thank you very much =)You may be happy reading this one, but I was just bored!