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Crazy On You (Lovett, Texas, #2) - Rachel Gibson 4 StarsI love Rachel's Texas books. She does such a good job of capturing the uniqueness of the people in smalltown TX. They really are into each others business and you won't really find ugly Texans. Not sure why, but few are butt-ugly. The honky tonks, been there, the music, hear it in my ears. All the teen hijinks, yep. Like she was raised a redneck, she does it so well.This was a short and I didn't know it until I sat down to read. I was hoping my Nook had page numbering issues; sometimes the case. Nope, it really was short. With a bit more, it would have had more stars from me. I really liked the romance and the backstory of each person.Can't wait for another Texas installment.I recommend any of Rachel Gibson's book. I've read all but a few now and have not hit a bad one yet .. and can say this now because after this many, I'm not afraid of a jinx!Happy Reading!