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Perfection - R.L. Mathewson 4 solid stars!Okay - non-existent cover, but loved the blurb. I found this on GR and don't even remember who turned me on to this, but it has been read recently by several people and I wanted a fast, fun read.I have a few issues with this book, but very few. One thing that kept bothering me, but on reflection was probably necessary to the story, is Zoe's constant weight issues and Trevor's overlooking and being with her anyway. But, as said, probably necessary to this story.Zoe is a sweetheart. To say she has had a tough time, is an understatement, but she keeps pushing forward. Trevor is a Cadberry's cream egg ... he has a tough outer shell, but really is a soft, sweet guy. He has this whole concept of "Perfection", not realizing we really don't control some things. They are neighbors, but their relationship is a strange interdependent one. They each have issues, but become true friends and eventually use the other to fill their sexual needs ... more f**k buddies than anything else with an agreed upon rule set. Somehow along the way this gets muggled.The writer tells the story with humor and both characters are quirky, at best. Nothing to drag you down in this one. Most everyone in the story is friendly and the family relationships discussed are loving.I enjoyed this story and plan to read another by this author right away.I recommend this book to any looking for a fun story with a bit of quirk in their characters. It is big on friendship in romance.Happy Reading!