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True Love and Other Disasters

True Love and Other Disasters - Rachel Gibson I really enjoyed this one - 4.5 Stars!Even though this story followed the same or similar format as others I've read in the series, I liked this one significantly more.What I liked about this book:1 -- I liked Ty - quite a bit. I liked his Canadian accent. I like his Hockey talent. And, I liked the attraction he has for Faith.2 -- I like Faith. She was beautiful and knew it, but wasn't arrogant like some really beautiful women are. She says she learned to make the best of bad situations and take advantage of opportunities. She married a much older man to advance her station in life, but really cared about him and didn't expect anything when he died. She is a really nice person; beautiful inside and out.3 -- I like Jules and his support of Faith as she learned the "Hockey ropes".4 -- I like the way Hockey was woven throughout the story, even more than in the two later books I've read in this series.5 -- I liked the glimpses we get of the secondary cast of Hockey players.For some reason, this one clicked for me. There were times when they were together talking or sharing intimacy that I had goose bumps. I'm anxiously awaiting more Nook opportunities in this series; coming Mar27!!If you like good, lighthearted romances with a sports related theme, you should really like this book and series. I'm putting Rachel Gibson on my "always consider reading" list.Happy Reading!!