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Not Another Bad Date

Not Another Bad Date - Rachel Gibson 4 StarsAgain, another really nice read from Rachel Gibson. I'm getting very close to having read all her books. They are quick reads, some are really fun, but all will touch your heart just bit. I just love this author. I've said it over and again. Every one of her books are "read agains". I just love them.This book is about a women who has pretty bad luck dating. Her sister calls her needing her to come to TX to help her with her teen-ager. The sister is pregnant and the pregnancy isn't going well. She has a teen-ager and just needs a bit of help. She heads to her home town, where she runs into the man who was her first love - a former pro-football player, now coaching the high school team. Nothing is easy for these two, which makes this story a really good read.The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the foray into paranormal with a ghost/angel thing with the coaches dead wife who also happened to be our lovely ladies nemesis.Overall, a very good, fun read.Happy Reading!