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Tangled up in You - I'm going to try this one more time ...+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4 StarsRachel Gibson has a tried and true recipe for success, or at least success according to this reader. She starts out with a bit of fluff building a back story, then she throws a bit of angst, a lovely man with a bit of a dark side, a pretty lady with some relationship issues and waaa laaa, you have a Rachel Gibson story. I’m never bored and she sucks me in every, single time. Just love her stories.In this one, you have a beautiful blue eyed man who left his childhood behind when he was five. His father owned a bar which had been in the family for three generations. The father, Loch, was messing around with one of his waitresses - not an out of the normal sitch for him... but, he had fallen in "love" with this one and was going to leave his family. Wifey wasn't havin' none of it .. she comes to the bar and shoots him and his lover dead .. bang! Then kills herself leaving three kids without parents. Wow! This was smalltown Idaho America and Mick never had a chance at a normal childhood from this point forward. Jump ahead 20 years or so and the "waitresses'" daughter comes to town to write a book about the murder. Maddie is a well known author of true crime books. They meet and are immediately attracted to each other, but can they get past the tragic, violent past they share?I enjoyed this story. It wasn’t great, but it was good. These books are those types of reads you can read rather quickly, don’t take much focus, and provide a nice “warm fuzzy” story. One you don't tire of and can read over, and over again. Who wouldn’t appreciate this? Perfect for when RL is rather trying or an absolute mess and you need a little sum sum to provide distraction.. *sigh*Happy Reading!