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Defying the Odds - Kele Moon 3.5 StarsI liked this story. My first by Kele Moon. I'm a sucker for any sports related romance, so as soon as I got this I decided to read it.What I liked:1 -- Clay and his back story. He was human to me. I liked his toughness and his tenderness.2 -- Melody and her back story. He was just so sweet.What I didn't like was the use of "ya" all the time for "you". It wasn't necessary. There are other ways to get across the fact the characters have a bit of hick in them. The overuse of this "slang" threw me off a bit.More I liked:3 -- love the UFC story that was woven throughout. Very nice.4 -- the real caring between these two and the journey they each took to get to this point. Made their appreciation of each other and their relationship stronger.I did really enjoy this story, but I rate based on creativity and the depth of emotion the story will pull from me, this one was good, but not great or exceptional. I do plan to read more by this author, but will more than likely stick with this series.The intimacy in this book was HOT, but not over the top. Nothing really eyebrow raising, which I liked. Nothing more was needed to represent or better understand this sweet couple. Not sure if Wyatt and Tabitha will be next or Jules and Romeo. Either will be interesting.Happy Reading!