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Liberating Lacey - Anne Calhoun 4.5 StarsMichele said this was her “all time favorite book”. Baba has read it multiple times. Both give this book 5 BIG FLYING STARS!! Add to that, I keep getting asked if I’ve read it yet, so finally, I read it and am so glad I did.This was my first Anne Calhoun read and won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this story. It was earthy, and the writing flowed so well. I loved the characters and the depth of the backstory.We have two people from very different backgrounds. Lacey is a very successful deal-maker. Even before her success in the financial arena, she came from a rich family and has a trust fund. She is 36 years old and recently divorced. Her former husband was almost frigid, the very opposite of adventurous. She is seeking different with some adventure. She has a friend she turns her on to this bar where you can meet other people interested in “hooking up”. Hunter is a cop. He is 28 and was raised by his single father who has a minor construction company which focuses on home improvement. He walks into the bar and immediately notices Lacey and quickly determines she is very out of the ordinary.The remainder of the book is spent on watching this relationship evolve. Hunter isn’t used to the maturity Lacey brings. She isn’t clingy and is very self-confident and self-assured .. most of the time, but is pretty in-experienced in the bedroom. He is able to provide her many bedroom/intimacy “firsts”. She has a wide variety of experience with life in general. This attracts him at the same time if puts him off. He feels a little unsure in her world. She definitely has her own money and doesn’t need anyone to support or contribute to her support. She is a very successful business woman with a wide variety of associations. He on the other hand is very simple. He has his father and his cop friends. He has a small apartment, a motorcycle and a muscle car. He likes to relax with a beer and a ballgame. He has activities, but very different from Lacey’s. They begin to bring the other into their world a bit …Something happens and Hunter doesn’t see how this relationship will work. They are just so different and orbit in different universes. He breaks it off with her, but it tears him apart to do it. Self-preservation is key. While apart Hunter begins to realize that what he felt for Lacey was love, but because he’d never experienced this with anyone before, had no idea the confusion and the physical pain he feels is because his other half is missing. His father becomes ill and he immediately thinks of Lacey. He needs her to help him feel balanced when everything else if so out of balance.I liked the honest way these two deal with each other. In the beginning, this was a hook-up. He knew it, she knew it. It was then a casual friendship with benefits which progressed until they were each experiencing the soul shattering love and deep commitment to each other. Through it all, there was real honesty. No game playing and they did work very hard to communicate. Not something you see every day and it was refreshing.A really nice read. It was over too quickly for me. I’m going to look for other reads by this author. I’ll read this again and again – I just know it!Happy Reading!