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God-Shaped Hole - Tiffanie DeBartolo 10/08/2012 Full Review now posted on: http://2geekgirlsreviewbooks.com/book-review-god-shaped-hole-by-tiffanie-debartoloOverall Rating = 5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 5 / 5 = total of 5Writer’s Voice = 5 [infinity Stars, if I could]Character Development = 5Story Appreciation = 5Worth the Chili = 5 [$7.99 on Google Books – eBook is damned hard to find!!]This was a Buddy Read with Stacia. I didn't even have this book in my radar until she mentioned it. The search was on. I found the book and then we decided to read it together.I loved it. I cried and found a settled place deep in me as I read this book. Good for the soul, you know what I mean?Follow the link for my full review and let me know what you think. I hope you take the time to read this one. I promise you won't be sorry. ++++++++++++++++++++++++Full Review coming soon. But know, any book that brings me to the point where I cry 'til I hiccup and have snot running down my face deserves any accolade I can offer. This book was so worth the little bit of time I spent with it. Stacia said it best when she said she will miss Jacob and Trixie ... I'm with her. Maybe we can drop in on them again sometime. I'm sure they won't mind. Oh, no... crying again, damn it!Love this author ... I have so many quotes, my Nook pages look green front to back!!++++++++++++++++++++++++++Finally found the eBook on Google eBooks. 10/03/2012: Buddying with Stacia -- stay tuned!