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Dance With Me - Heidi Cullinan 10/26/2012 Helen's Full Review posted on: http://www.2GeekGirlsReviewBooks.comI read this book because I'd heard it was really good. I love an m/m romance and was in the mood. My opinion only, but this book really wasn't very good. We have a romance between a semi-pro football player and a professional dancer. There were so many things in this story that were obviously contrived. I've told you all before, paint me a believable picture and make me care about it. This book failed on both counts.Helen's Rating:Overall Rating = 2 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 4 / 4 = total of 4Writer’s Voice = 2Character Development = 3Story Appreciation = 2Worth the Chili = 2 [$6.39 on Amazon, $6.63 on B&N]You can see the detail behind the rating reading the full review on the blog. Enjoy!