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One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn 5 StarsI wish I could give “infinity” stars. I feel like a kid, “I love you infinity much, mom!” This book is that good. It is a beautiful story about just how perfect love is, even if the people who are doing the loving are so not perfect. It reminds me that sometimes we try to be very arrogant about our concepts and ideals. But, who are we really, to define for another. We all have our own paradigm’s to deal with. For me, this story was refreshing, uplifting, a reminder that love isn’t perfect. It is messy. Happiness isn’t a place, it is within every one of us.I hope I do this review right. I hope I write it so that anyone reading it will buy the book immediately. DO NOT PASS GO before you first buy this book and read it. It is one of those rare books that talks directly to the heart. I don’t care if you don’t like m/m romances, this is so much more than that. Seriously, so much more.This is a story about a family, but it starts out with Rue. Rue is short for Rufus. He is a man working towards a goal. He wants to finish school and move to California where he will be a hair stylist to the stars baby! One night he decides to try something he has never tried before. He decides to test his "gayness" ... an experiment ... just to be sure he is really gay. Just checking, you know? And, she ends up pregnant. She doesn’t want the child, Rue does. He doesn't want his child in the "system". Nine months later he is a single father, working nights as a bartender and going to school by day. He has friends, but most are in his same struggling circumstance. He needs someone to watch Alice while he goes to school. He checks everything. All the options are either too expensive, or he can’t envision his little angle there. He finally goes next door and talks to his reclusive neighbor; Erik.Erik has always been a loaner. He is a writer of science fiction. He has some sort of disorder and is prone to panic attacks. He wants to help Rue, but isn’t sure he can. He dives deep into himself and eventually can’t see where he can do anything else but help. He agrees to watch little Alice. Dusty, Rue’s BFF will pick her up on the nights Rue has to go straight from school to work. This small group becomes a very tight family nucleus. The how will warm your heart. Neither individual is perfect, but put them all together and they are.What do I like about this book? Absolutely everything. I could find no fault with this book. Nothing.A quote for you that says it all, something Erik said: “I honestly didn’t think my attraction to Rue had anything to do with his gender. I didn’t love Rue for what he did or didn’t have. I loved him because he was Rue. Nothing else mattered.”The hero of this book is Erik’s mother. So accepting and just so happy her boy is happy. She is an example of real motherhood. Just interested in ensuring her son is happy. He has found love and she is speechless and in tears she is so happy. She said is best, “Love is messy. Sometimes, that’s the best part.”Enjoy!ARC provided by Dreamspinner Press on 06/03/2012.