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By His Rules - J. A. Rock 05/04/2013 --Overall Rating = 1 StarBook Cover / Book Blurb = 5 / 5 = 5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 1 StarsCharacter Development = 2 StarsStory Appreciation = 1.5 StarsWorth the Chili = 1 Stars [$5.80 on Amazon]Well that was interesting...What did I like?1 -- The cover and the blurb were off the charts. I actually was on Amazon looking up another book that got a 5 Star rating from a friend and saw this one. When you look at the cover, it almost looks like the guy is putting on boots. What? Well it did to me. I couldn't get the cover out of my head and was trying to find something to read, so why not.2 -- I liked Keaton. He was fair, gentle and a caregiver in every sense of the word. He deserved better than Aiden, but Aiden seemed to be what he wanted. So, he needed to be needed. Hmm...3 -- Nothing else.I disliked more than I liked:1 -- The Aiden you see in the interactions with Scott are more interesting than the Aiden with Keaton. With Scott you see a bit of character. With Keaton you see a needy person; weak, dependent -- to the point of unattractiveness. His character made you dislike Keaton, who was fairly likeable.2 -- The premise of this story was sound, but the execution of the tale, just didn't sit right with me. I just simply didn't like the story as it played out. Not at all. For such an alarming and descriptive beginning, we moved into the mediocre, mushy, boring "healing" part of the story that just fell apart for me. I may believe these situations can happen. I just don't think I enjoy being a voyeur at the table.I guess you could say this was a story of healing, but we never, ever got to the root of Aiden "need" for being trained in the first place. He seemed to be someone who had goals and had his life planned out or at least a direction, but then, through his own decision making, he fell apart. Why? We never really find out and then we see the healing. Did he need a father the whole time? We don't delve into the why. Leaves the reader with a bad taste in their mouth. I have no problem with how this person got from here to there, but tell me why? Why was it necessary? Only half told. Too bad.No, I didn't like this one. I thought it haphazardly told. I won't be reading more by this author unless someone I trust tells me it is KICKASS.You may like it, hope you do. Not me.Happy Reading!