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Crash (Crash, #1) - Nicole  Williams 09/19/2012 Full Review Posted on: http://2geekgirlsreviewbooks.com/1.8 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 5 Cover / 5 Book Blurb, Total 5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 1 StarsCharacter Development = 1 StarsStory Appreciation = 1 StarsWorth the Chili = 1 StarsA BIG “Did NOT Finish” [DNF] for me! I decided to read this book because several of my GR friends have read it and liked it. It has been compared with Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, so, have to say, the comparison intrigued me. It was also $4 on Amazon, so why not? I wish I would have not… I really should have saved my money and let others have this pleasure? Just not good. At. All. No real redeeming qualities. Have you ever seen a movie preview that makes you laugh and say immediately, “I want to see that!!”? Then you fork over the $10 with the expectation, built from the preview, and were terribly disappointed. This is that experience for me. The book blurb is the best part of this whole experience. Oh, yep, almost forgot ... I like the cover too! What did I like about this book?1.) Hmmm…. *thinking* … *thinking* … Well, I kind of liked Jude. He was likeable, but the author rather screwed him up. He is a kid whose mother ran away and his father is in prison. He lives in a boy’s home, but goes to a local public school? He is a charmer, he is uber attractive [sex on a stick], and is great at football. He has been arrested around fourteen [14] times and has a juvie record a mile long. Has trouble in school and real anger management issues, but I liked him.2.) This is going to sound terrible, but I really liked the cover, and the blurb…. [did I already say that??]3.) Sorry, not much else.What did I not like or appreciate about this book?1.) Too many disconnects for me to enjoy this story. I’m one of those people where it has to be logical. I tried to tell myself this is fiction and I’m not the target audience, but it still gave me NUMEROUS issues. Jude, talking about this girl and saying woman? Lucy, same thing, using the term man with Jude. High school people I know [and I know quite a few --- they are literally everywhere] use the term boy. It is “boy” this, and “girl” that. Not man or woman? Also, the police process in this book. We had Jude’s friends involved in an incident at Lucy’s. Lucy was seriously harassed and her hair burnt [several inches off the back of her hair], her dog kennel burned to the ground and her dog killed [burned alive]. This was terribly downplayed in the book. This sort of incident would have been very traumatizing to a young girl, but all she worried about was about Jude not calling her the next day, the next week …?? These are a few of my issues, but it goes on and on and on… Jude becoming the “star quarterback” from the stands, the reaction of Lucy’s mother to Jude [very Mommie Dearest], Jude jumping out of his “borrowed” car and pounding the windshield of the honking truck behind them, Jude standing up and making inappropriate comments at an assembly – literally taking the microphone from the principal, who does nothing!!? Just overall, a very strange evolution and NOT believable at all. It would have been better to have created a vampire story if you were going to have this much fantasy.2.) Where is the backstory on these characters? We learn in a paragraph or two about each, but then we go to the relationship and stay there. It doesn’t seem to be any deeper than that. Where is the story going? I read to 50% and the story was in pretty much the same place as after the first 20 pages or so. It was getting no further along than when I started. Just very poor character development, very poor story development.3.) I hate the fact this is being marketed to a YA audience. There is too much inappropriate behavior without a story to back or give reason for actions. Bottom line – this just isn’t good. And, if a kid were to read it, they wouldn’t have a good story to put it into context for them. In places it just confused the heck out of me.This book, in my opinion, isn’t very good. I’ve heard it compared to Beautiful Disaster, but other than the bad behavior by Jude, I couldn’t see the cause for comparison. I liked BD, but do not like this book. I really struggled to find positive stuff to say and I think that pretty much says it all?I would absolutely not recommend this to anyone. Want to borrow it? I think I can loan my Kindle copy. Too bad I couldn’t let you keep it. Let me know if you want to borrow and I’ll save you the dime.Happy Reading [NOT]!