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Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain, #3) - Kristen Ashley Re-read 09/02/2013 --Okay, I don't change ratings after a re-read. Not officially, but I will say, not sure what I saw in this to make it a 4 Star read when I read it two years ago. I was good until about 65% when it started repeating itself and taking shortcuts in the storytelling component. I do like these characters. LOVED Ty and Lexie was just perfect for him. Normally I like a long, wonderful, absorbing read, until I don't. This one was about 100 pages too long. If we cut a few pages and tightened the story up a bit, it would have been solid. IF I were to change my rating, it would be 2.5 Stars. Maybe 3 Stars. I have an agreement with myself, so I won't.I probably won't be re-reading this one again.********************************************************************************************************************************Original Read 2011 --A very nice story - good characterization. My only complaint, it was a bit long. The author drew out the same theme over and over, almost like she had some issues closing this one. Not really an issue. I really enjoyed this book.Happy Reading!