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Knight (Unfinished Hero, #1) - Kristen Ashley 1 StarFirst, an apology. It is not my intent to *bash* this author. She has provided me MANY hours of enjoyment and many characters to love.I'm conflicted. I did like some things, but it was inconsistent. To say I liked the characters, I did, but then I sincerely didn't like some of the characterizations. Maybe you can help me out..?To be fair, I'm not a normal BDSM reader, but this was what I'd call BDSM light. It wasn't over the top, so I could hang.What did I have issues with?1 -- The whole Baby/Daddy thing. I didn't mind Knight calling Anya baby - an endearment I can handle. I could even buy Anya calling Knight Daddy .. maybe. We all know those sweet little southern ladies who call their husbands Daddy, so okay. Plus, this didn't happen until about 40% of the way through the book, so maybe .. but then during sex. And the insistence of this by Knight and just YUCK!! WTF! I'm mean this was just F**KING WHACKED!! To the point it turned my stomach. The whole book could have done without this. Seriously whacked.2 -- Ever heard the phrase "some people can justify murder"? Knight has a "stable" of 57 women - prostitutes. He explains this because his mother was a prostitute before meeting "Carl". She had it rough. So, he can take care of these girls, provide protection for a small price, not take "trade" from them. Providin' a service you know. He takes care of these woman. Oldest trade and it will always be around ... blah, blah, blah. WTF!! Seriously, Anya appreciates him taking care of these women and he keeps this separate from her so all good .. right? WHACKED again!3 -- His absolute rudeness to her in the "name of control". Anya. Here. Now. Go. F**k. Yourself. I say. And she is so, "I love this man". WTF!! I really hope readers reading this realize this sort of rudeness is unacceptable. They don't assume because this is written into a book, by an author they love ... Rudeness in any form or fashion is unacceptable. A total lack of respect. Period.I bought this book the day/hour it was out. Watching all the back and forth by the other KA fans. This has been my pattern for this authors books. I think I may be a bit more careful in the future.I did like these characters, until I didn't. I did like this story, until I didn't. I hated how at the very end she threw some sweetness in, when there is no way this can end sweetly.. this guy is still a pimp. He did lose a bit of the rude [see I want to like him..]. I really don't care what these two do in the bedroom; two consenting adults .. blah. And it seriously wasn't bad. What I do mind is the whole "Daddy" thing. Made me feel a voyeur at an incest waiting to happen. Oh, guess what? The sweetness at the end? Was a sweet little baby girl laying in "Daddy's" arms. Sick much?Remember, this is only my opinion. I do appreciate the author "branching" out into erotica [this would be erotica light]. I appreciate her talent and her need to explore. But, for this reader, there was a boundary crossed, that I seriously hadn't thought would ever be an issue for me reading KA. What a HUGE surprise - me. I got the uggys.Read at your own risk.