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Creed (Unfinished Hero, #2) - Kristen Ashley 09/24/2012 .. well I waited, and I waited, but I still couldn't lose the bad taste, so here it is. And peeps ... remember, this is my opinion only.**** ADDITIONAL POSTING INFORMATION COMING MAYBE ****Overall Rating: 1.9 Helen’s RatingBook Cover / Book Blurb = 1 / 4 = total of 5Writer’s Voice = 2Character Development = 2Story Appreciation = 2Worth the Chili = 1 [$3.99 on Smashwords, Amazon & B&N]What a damned mess. I feel terrible writing such a negative review for an author I really like, but this was just a mess. It had potential, but totally missed the mark. It wasn’t erotic, the story wasn’t well developed, the characters were over the top, the story fell flat and was very shallow. Just a hot damn mess. I did finish it, but just barely. Boy, I wanted to give up at 75%, but after someone I respect posted an “in depth” review after getting to the 70% mark and not finishing got reamed for their effort, I thought I’d better finish so I’d have the “right” to express my thoughts. Crazy, I know, but there you have it. And, maybe I’m more angry because I had to finish the damned thing…Three One things I liked about this book:1.) Creed. I liked him. There were times he didn’t make sense to me, but I liked him. He seemed to really care. He was rather intelligent and had two great kids. He had an awful tattoo on his back, but it was explained. I’m not opposed to tattoo’s at all, but this one sounded awful. He loved Sylvie the young girl, the young woman, but then he also loved Sylvie the jaded, obnoxious, “over the top” harpy. I lost some respect for him, but this is what the whole book is about. When he and Sylvie started talking about having kids together, and she was an absolute nut job, I wanted to tell this guy to get his shit together and look a bit deeper. The Sylvie he knew and loved was long gone, but he just wouldn’t listen.I stared up at him and felt my nose sting even as I heard my voice come out in a super, super quiet whisper. “You’ll take care of me?” “My Dad said you always got something if you’re not alone. We were alone. Now, we’re not alone.” That thing deep in my belly felt funny but it also felt nice. “I don’t like being alone,” I whispered. “You’re not anymore.”What three things did I not like or not appreciate:1.) Sylvie was annoying as hell. I will call her an “alpha” female. I’m very well acquainted with “alpha” females and she was just over the top. She never toned it down. Even in moments of intimacy where even the most “alpha” fem can soften, she did not. It was so contrived as to be unbelievable. I liked her a bit at first, but then my like slowly faded away. It got to the point where I wanted to just delete the damned book from my Kindle to be done with her – she was that over-done, that obnoxious. Did I also say she was a total nut job? I mean, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” brand of nut case. Whacked!2.) The writing in this one was just not well done. Holes in the story, poor character development, incomplete thoughts, etc. Definitely not one of Ms. Ashley’s best works. I think the story had potential. We all know, or anyone who has read Sweet Dreams knows, Kristen Ashley can tell a story. This book was a story poorly told. The concept was good, execution poor.3.) The sex scenes made me want to rush past them and I never do that. No intimacy and some of the actual mechanics were just wrong. I also felt at times like I was watching a circus act with the flinging and flying and flipping… I would bet as a writer this would be a sore point. You never want a reader to think of the sex as lacking, but sad to say, this one was very lacking. And, I would definitely not brand it as erotica. If this book had been a date, and the sex were this bad, you would have picked up your clothes and hurried to the nearest exit, set up call blocker and hoped to never cross paths with this “just bad f@ck” again.I waited to review this book. I wanted to see if time would temper my thoughts, but it hasn’t. If anything, it made me reflect on it more. I’ve read some really good books and this one is not one of them. When I review, I rate a book on its own merits. However, it isn’t rated in a vacuum where this it the only book I’ve read. You pull into the rating your paradigm and expectations. My paradigm: I gave up some valuable reading time for this book and moved it to the top of the pile because I love this author. But, have to say, this has happened to me too many times with Kristen Ashley and won’t happen to me again. My love affair with Kristen Ashley is over. I’ll read her again, but only after I see good reviews from people I trust to “shoot it to me straight”. There is too much of a “herd mentality” with this author and I think it is because we like her. She is a nice person and we want her to succeed. Another reason could also be one of our [my] favorite books was written by her. All said, my “rose colored” blinders are off and sitting in the waste can under my used cat litter… I was not Happy Reading this one, maybe you will be … fingers crossed..++++++++++++++++++++++Review to be posted soon. I will explain myself.