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Penmort Castle (Ghosts and Reincarnation, #1) - Kristen Ashley 4.5 StarsThis was a really excellent read until about 75% of the way through the book. Up to this point I would have given it 10 Stars, if I could. Then, the story dropped off a bit.This book is really better than you think it will be from the blurb. You think it is going to be filled with all things paranormal or supernatural, but it really isn't. It is a ghost story, or a haunted castle story, but this really isn't prevalent until about 75% of the book. It is primarily the story of a relationship.Abby needs money. She is a widow and has inherited an old home from her grandmother. The home is in poor repair, but she can't part with it. Too many memories. Her friend Jenny, overhears a famous, rich man, discussing his need for someone to pose as his girlfriend for a period and thinks of Abby. The rest, so said, is history.You think the story is predictable, and it is to some degree, but Kristen Ashley has a way of developing characters that make them truly extraordinary. I personally think, this book shows a polish to the character development I've not seen in her other stories. We've all commented about the "lack of polish" and the editing issues, this one doesn't have these problems. Like she took her time and let this one slowly develop.Cash [our rich, famous, lovely H] is rather elegant [and Scottish!!], in a very masculine way. He isn't over the top with his aggression or his alpha characterization, like we have experienced with some of her other characters. We enjoy them, but they can be a bit much at times.I really enjoyed this book. I think it would rank at my fourth of KA's books:1 -- The Golden Trail2 -- At Peace3 -- Sweet Dreams and now4 --Penmort CastleIf you are new to Kristen Ashley, an existing fan or maybe not, give it a go, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. One of my opening comments about this book "I think this book is a KA "best kept secret"" -- I still feel this way. Really very nice.Happy Reading!