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Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher 5 StarsJocelyn and Austin sure didn't take a normal path to their relationship and love. And, when you start on this story, you wonder, how it will work, but it does - fabulously. I liked Jocelyn, but Austin was remarkable. He had such tenderness without losing any of his masculinity. Ms. Gallagher paints him so beautifully, you couldn't help but understand why Jocelyn made the effort at controlling her inner imp to be with him. There were several times in the story I know I wouldn't have had such trust... a huge hardship that takes them smoothly to the other side.There weren't too many secondary characters in this story, but you don't miss them. These two, and the building relationship are really all that is necessary. The intimacy is HOT, but not over the top. Tough when you want it to be and then very tender, just at the right time in the story and relationship.When I read the blurb for this story it reminded me a bit of Megan Hart's Stranger. I like the MH story, but her characters lack a tenderness and intimacy is painted so beautifully in Damaged Goods.I really can't say enough about this story. You don't think it will work, but it does. It does make you uncomfortable, but you really want these two to win and have each other forever.On another note: The author tackles an important social issue; our personal prejudice about who is appropriate to be around children. There is one place where they discuss Austin's occupation as an Escort/Prostitute/Whore and his relationships. People who know what he does, don't respect him and then do not want to have him around their children, as if he would influence or damage them in some way. It got me to thinking about my reactions. I think the author handled this story component very well; calling it out and building the trust in the relationship to get past it. Also, the internal conflict Jocelyn must face down. She trusts herself, her heart, and in the end Austin and it all works out.Lovely story -- I highly recommend.Happy Reading!