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Club Mephisto (Club Mephisto #1) - Annabel Joseph 11/13/2012 Hope's Full Review posted on: http://www.2GeekGirlsReviewBooks.comHope is on today. We really have fun with this book. We spent some time talking together as we read it and how controversial the whole concept of Molly was to both of us. We saw Mephisto differently. It really was fun and very interesting. Today, I comment on Hope's review, her thoughts. Check it out.Hope's Review:Overall Rating = 3 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 3.5 / 4 = 3.75 StarsWriter’s Voice = 3 StarsCharacter Development = 2.5 StarsStory Appreciation = 2.5 StarsWorth the Chili = 4 Stars($2.99 Amazon)I finish up the series tomorrow with a review of "Burn for You." Struggling through Molly and Mephisto is all made very worth it when you read the final in the series. If you haven't, you should.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++11/12/2012 Full Review posted on: http://www.2GeekGirlsReviewBooks.comHelen's Review:Overall Rating = 4 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 5/3 = 5 Stars [Holy CRAP, Batman! Is the cover HOT or what??]Writer’s Voice = 4 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 4 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars [$2.99 on Amazon and B&N]Check the blog for the full review.This book was not even on my radar, but Michael was leading a group read of it. I wanted to participate because I love Michael's perspective. He started me on my fangirl craze with this author.Club Mephisto made me anxious. I worried and wondered about Mephisto and Molly through the whole book. They just didn't feel right. You could tell so much more was going on than what you were gaining from the written word. The whole book was an enigma to me. This book is from Molly's POV. You have a sequel novella - Molly's Lips told from Mephisto's POV. Then, the second book in the series Burn for You. You must read the other two to get to Burn for You. If you don't read Burn for You, you are really missing a treat. Your appreciation for all the books in the series isn't really complete until you finish it. I dragged Hope along with me. You'll see her comments on my review. She reviews the book tomorrow and I comment on her thoughts. We had great fun with it. This author is now one of my favorites. I'm reading her whole back list. Stay tuned for more Annabel Joseph.Micheal is the BOMB at Group reads! THANK YOU - Michael!!