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True Love Story - Willow Aster 02/22/2013 --Overall Rating = 2 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 1 / 3 = 2 StarsWriter’s Voice = 2 StarsCharacter Development = 3 StarsStory Appreciation = 2 StarsWorth the Chili = 2 Stars [$3.99 Amazon – not available B&N]I guess it is safe to say, not much about this one I really liked. I'll tell you a few good/not so good points for me.The Good:1 -- I liked the title of the book. A few of my friends have read this book and have gushed about it. This caught my attention. I read the blurb and it was just okay, but these other reviews grabbed me. More on this in a minute.2 -- I liked Ian Sterling. Don't you just hate when a really good character is trapped in a mediocre book? Well, Poor Ian ... enough said.I think there were more things I didn't like than liked in this one:1 -- Sparrow. This chick got on my last nerve. I think the author overstepped her talent when she attempted development of this girl. She lacked the depth for the story she was stuck in. Nothing about her worked for me. She lacked sincerity. We are told things about her, but never demonstrated in action. I never warmed up to her.2 -- The story itself was a bit cheesy. It may be because of the lack of depth given to the lead; Sparrow. Not sure, but it was just very amateurish. I read friends reviews which kept pulling me through this one waiting for the BIG ... whatever? When it happened in about the last 20% of the book, it really couldn't carry the entire preceding 80%. Whatever pieces, it all boils down to the authors voice.3 -- The intimate scenes. I've said it before, maybe overused the term, but it is the only phrase I can think of to encompass my thoughts; lack of depth. I just didn't FEEL it, couldn't visualize it. She didn't paint these scenes well at all. In some, we have more of a blowing curtain than actual words painted to provide a picture of action. This is okay and happens quite a bit in YA books, so I'm down with that, but they weren't too good, but I'm okay. In the next scene we attempt to have some graphic detail. Okay, so now I'm confused. Just what is this all about. Was the author confused? Did she gain more confidence in this story component as it moved along or what exactly? You really don't want to confuse your reader like this, if not part of the plot. This was not part of the plot!4 -- The cover gives you the impression this is a Renaissance tale. It so is not. Not even close.5 -- Condom use? Non-existent. I'm just not okay with this anymore. It is not real and if it is, not good. Once a relationship is established, okay, but not in the beginning when one partner has had multiple recent partners. I've decided I'm going to start calling this one out. Especially if the book targets a younger audience. Let's all be responsible.I really didn't care for this writer's voice. I liked the concept of the story and, as mentioned before, really liked Ian. He got a bad hand dealt when he ended up in this story WITH Sparrow. He is why I give this such a high rating.There is quite a bit of gushing over this one - which I do not understand. You may like it. Not sure how, but you might. If you do, I wish you ... Happy Reading!