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That Wedding - Jillian Dodd not available nook 02/12/2012GOT IT --- did not have to wait at all --- HAPPY DANCIN'!!+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++5 StarsOkay, this may not be a 4 or 5 star read for everyone, but it was for me. How lucky to marry your best friend. I'm not talking about someone you've dated for a while and now consider your best friend and you get married. I'm talking about someone you've grown up with, shared all the teen angst with, gone to college and shared all the college craziness with, someone you trust more than you trust yourself. How lucky is that? This book is all about this kind of love.I just finished this book and I have such a tight happy feeling in my throat. You know the kind. This author captured a bit of the guy friendship most women envy. I strongly related to this book so maybe this is why it was such a huge hit for me.Jadyn loved Phillip and wanted to marry him, but worried about the "what if it doesn't work? will I lose my best friend? then what?". She struggled with learning to trust herself and this relationship and the truth she knew in her heart - Phillip would never let her down. She won't let him. Nothing changed for them other than their love growing so much stronger.Quite a bit of wedding fluff in this book. I enjoyed it, but may not be for everyone. This is a book you have to look beneath the humor and the surface to glean the real story. Point of it all: You must believe in love and you must believe you deserve to be just that happy!This is one of those books I will read when I want to feel good about life and love. A real "go to" book when things get tough and you feel let down. I anxiously wait for more by this author.Word to the wise :: this is not a YA book. Whole lot of sex, drinking and sex [implied, not graphic]. Oh, now I've done it, the YA's will run to this book 8>)A truly enjoyable fun read.Happy Reading!Another note: while I was writing the review, I bumped to 5 stars. Just that good!