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Jacked Up - Erin McCarthy 4 StarsThis was a quick read by the pool. I loved this series and based on the lack of a teaser about the next in the series, it sounds like the author may not continue with it. We get a bit of a Rhett tease, but we are not given enough to really warm to him, so not sure what she'll do. She has a book blurb in the back for a "ghost" story. Read it and won't buy it. Ugh... What is it with the whole "Ghost an Mrs. Muir" thing everyone tries. Yuck... [coming off of Kristen Ashley's "Lacybourne Manor" = 3 Stars by me and I was generous].Erin McCarthy, I've read some of her other books, and just didn't like them as much. Her racing characters were captivating. I think the elements she captured of racing very good and had wished for me. I'm not a huge race fan, but if you are going to have a themed book, you should do more than tease. The sport should be a character in the book. I think this author just teases, either because she knows only enough to be dangerous, or she has space constraints. Not my favorite in the series. Eve came off a being a bit crazy neurotic. I really liked Nolan. He seemed very sure of himself. He was very different from Eve, but seemed really good for her. How he put up with her nutty [not in a good way] personality was a bit amazing. She was definitely a bit high maintenance, but he kept it together and made this story - my opinion only.Happy Reading!!++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Available Jun 5 - preorder only now.Mine now!