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Sheltered - Charlotte Stein What the hell .. 5 Stars. I debated, 4.5, or 5, and you know what -- this was just that good.A new author for me, and a really nice story. You have a psuedo bad boy, and the good girl. They each come from abusive homes and their meeting is pure chance, but they have a connection. The author draws out the story, elicits really strong emotion in the connection between these two. The story wasn't terribly detailed. One of the primary characters was the relationship and the interaction between these two. Pretty simple in the respect there were really no secondaries. Even the interaction with the abusive father was very limited. What appealed to me? Why did I find out about this earlier this week and bump it to the very top -- TO READ NOW -- status in my pile? Well, I heard some buzz on this website from a few friends. They were really pumped about this one, read the blurb [bad, punk boy and naive sheltered girl]. I was sold. Wanted a bit of a change, something simple to grab me easily, and this book was perfect. Loved Van and Evie. You could see these two together growing old and loving each other .. to the end of their days. They are just that connected.I very much enjoyed this story and can see myself reading it again. Not one I'll forget soon. If the authors other books are as good as this one, I'm sure I will read more by this author.Happy Reading!